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Fillers - Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus

There are many different fillers available on the market to choose from today. They each serve the same purpose but some are best for certain areas of the face. Additionally, some last longer than others. Whether you want to enhance your lips, fill in the hollow under the eyes, or volumize your cheeks, there is a filler for you. Please call our office for a consultation. Our injector will advise you on how to best address your concerns.

Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus

  • Is made of a Hyaluronic acid gel
  • Is best for smile lines, lip, chin, or jawline augmentation, corners of mouth,
    fine lines around mouth, and acne scars
  • Results are immediate and Juvederm is FDA approved to last up to a year with one treatment

How does it work?

Young, plump skin is full of collagen and molecules called Hylauronic Acid (HA). As we age, multiple factors like sun damage and smoking will reduce our skin’s ability to produce these molecules. This results in the appearance of sagging, thin skin. The filler fills the area of HA loss and plumps it back up. As the filler is metabolized and broken down by your body, the skin is stimulated to make its own natural collagen.

What are the side effects?

You can experience temporary swelling, firmness, pain, bruising, or lumps in the treated area. These side effects may take a week to resolve. We recommend applying ice and taking Tylenol and/or Arnica to reduce the swelling.

Fillers - Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus

What are the side effects? (continued)

If bruising occurs, it may take up to two weeks to resolve. If needed, concealer can be applied on the day of treatment.

Other possible side effects include infection, itching, severe allergies, and discoloration. Please call our office if you experience any of these side effects.

Who should not get the treatment?

  • Those who have a history of hypersensitivities.
  • Those who have an infection at the treatment area.
  • Those who are pregnant or nursing.

What should I do before the treatment?

Tell your injector if you are taking any medications, have severe allergies, or a medical condition.

We advise that you abstain from taking aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, St. John’s wart, or high doses of Vitamin E for seven days prior to your treatment. This helps to prevent unnecessary side effects of bruising and swelling. In case of these side effects, we recommend that you give yourself ample time between your appointment and that special event you are preparing for.

We recommend you come in 30 minutes prior to treatment if you want numbing cream applied.


Fillers - Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus

What should I expect during the treatment?

The injector will use a very thin needle to inject the product into your skin. There will be temporary discomfort. If needed, we can provide ice after treatment to reduce discomfort.

What should I expect after the treatment?

We prefer that you not massage the injection sites or press the filler into the skin. Allow yourself a week before evaluating the results of the filler. You will be swollen and this is normal. Sometimes you may feel little lumps of filler under your skin which will also resolve after a week.

Please refrain from strenuous exercise, aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, and direct sun exposure. Your age, health, smoking history, and degree of volume loss can determine how long the filler lasts. Your injector will recommend when you should return for your next treatment.

For most fillers, the effects are immediate and lasting. If after the first month you would like more filler to the treated area, please call our office for a touch up appointment. We are happy to address your concerns.